WP8 roles


The coordinator SINTEF RM, supported by the Coordination Team, will in accordance with the Consortium


• Monitor the compliance of the project partners with their obligations

• Collect and review reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certification) and submit to the EC

• Propose the agenda of General Assembly meetings, chair and prepare the minutes of these meetings, and monitor the implementation of decisions taken at these meetings.

• Maintain the project website.

• Administer the EC financial contribution and other obligations forthcoming of the Grant Agreement or the

Consortium Agreement.

To ensure that progress is monitored on a regular basis, the Coordinator will measure KPIs along the dimensions Costs, Quality, Progress, Strategic alignment, Communication, and Dissemination, and organise meetings and video-conferences. To guarantee the cooperation and smooth information flow between work-packages, every partner will ensure that at least 1 representative takes part in these telephone conferences.

The General Assembly will consist of one representative of each partner. The GA will formulate proposals and take decisions in accordance with the Consortium Agreement. The members of the GA are responsible for a high quality preparation and execution of the project, and will meet at least twice a year, to examine the compliance of the project’s progress with the Work Plan (Description of Work) and, if necessary, propose modifications of the Work Plan via the coordinator to the EC